Silver Surfer & Da Buddha Vaporizer Flavor Oil Kit


With accessibility to concentrates becoming a reality to many of our readers– we wanted to explore an accessory that breathes second life adding greater functionality to your Silver Surfer or Da Duddha Vaporizer. The 7th Floor team really hit the nail on the head, granting users the option to replace the stock heater cover with a unique vapor dome. Taking a look at pricing in the electronic nail market, we see estimates around $350USD for lesser refined home-brew setups. Given what the Flavor Oil Kit has to offer, it is one of the most economical options available for enjoying concentrates.



Under the Hood

In order to gain insight on the Flavor Oil Kit, I began like any frugal minded person would:  purchasing a used vaporizer. For our readers, we recommend you purchase a new unit to avoid unexpected malfunctions. Whether you own or are planning to buy a Silver Surfer or Da Buddha, the first factor to consider is heater cover stand style.   On the 7th Floor Website, they depict two variations:  the new tension style with clip and the old shim style. Replacing the stock cover with the Ground Glass Heater Cover was a task carefully done, for the old shim style. Personally, I would not recommend interchanging heating covers between herb and oil to prevent damaging glass or the heating coil. In my experience, after replacing the heater cover, I am still able to easily vaporize dry herbs through the glass wand. This is a considerable bonus, since it allows you to vaporize concentrates and dry herbs simultaneously for an increased effect.

Taking a look at what else is offered in the kit, the required shims are provided to secure the glass heater cover. The kit also includes a glass globe top, shaped like a tear drop, which encloses the heater cover. The globe top innovation secures vapor not inhaled, as well as adding an element of style through accent color. When placing an order, you can choose to customize this option; mine, for example, arrived in bright red. Next, there is the provided  titanium cap(nail) which inserts into the heating coil. Powering-on the Silver Surfer or Da Duddha Vaporizer heats the coil and attached nail, allowing for convenient temperature regulation. Lastly, the kit features a cleverly designed ground glass wand with a self contained reclaim chamber.

The only negative aspect from the experience:  while cooling vapor with a water pipe, your out-of-box option demands a whip. I have seen creative approaches to solving this problem using glass adapters; I placed my own order for a 90 degree 18mm male to male adapter. All-in-all this package is quite compelling and priced competitively to gain newcomers and performs sufficiently to satisfy veterans.


The Verdict

The experience is similar to using a Silver Surfer or Da Duddha Vaporizer, but two hands are required to place your concentrates and cover the opening. The immediate positive of using an electronic nail  is controlling the temperature you vaporize concentrates. This kit relies on an analog dial, which helps keep the price point affordable. Looking at the competition for flowers and concentrates vaporizers– not many manufacturers have successfully been able to implement a dual purpose unit. It is my opinion the Flavor Oil Kit is a must have accessory for current SSV and DBV owners. The performance will surely be a much welcomed addition to your vapor arsenal.

The Flavor Oil Kit has a $80.00 MSRP over at 7th Floor website(s).
(Silver Surfer Flavor Oil Kit  &  Da Buddha Flavor Oil Kit)


  • Adds functionality to existing dry herb vaporizer
  • Vaporize herb & concentrates at once
  • Inexpensive accessory at $80 USD
  • Removes the need for a torch


  • Water pipe connection via whip instead of glass-on-glass
  • Analog Temperature Control




Flavor Oil Kit Usage Video

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  1. I’m sold! Great review! I dont vape concentrates that often due to availability but once i start making my own, ill definitely pick this up

    turtleman777 / Reply
    • Thanks for the kind words. Enjoy your oil kit, please let me know if there are any questions you might have. You can vape with oil and flowers, but you sacrifice the flavor of the concentrate as you need to run the heater pretty high to properly vaporize the flowers.

      Still this addon is the cheapest option available for an analog enail and a great pick-up for current DBV ans SSV owners. As well as people like myself who pick up a unit used and convert it just for oil.

      Tarzan Boy / (in reply to turtleman777) Reply

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